Posted by: donteatus | April 3, 2010

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, M.D.?

Anyone know how to read this?

I figure as as soon as I master Aramaic and Latin, EEG is next on my list.

Actually, it isn’t all that complicated.  Straight lines=Good.  Lines that a drunk driver walks after being pulled over=Multiple Sleepovers at Children’s Hospital and Resort.

We’ve been trying now to get rid of the squiggly lines for months now.  We’ve performed several treatments.  1) Keppra 2) Prednisone 3) Valium 4) IVIg.  Prednisone has had marginal success with the squiggly lines, though we have had some improvement in speech lately.  If you’re curious about how Valium went for us, read Wipe Out.

But there are so many stories about IVIg working in these situations.  Why are we trying it as a last resort?

It appears to be relatively effective for patients like Caleb.  The majority of the side effects are mild.  But…

Caleb’s four night stay will cost: Approximately $100,000.

Hmmm… Coincidence they recommend this one last???

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  But seriously, we’ve been waiting over three weeks for Blue Cross/Blue Shield to approve this treatment for our son.  So far, no response.

I do apologize to all of you who are in Caleb’s insurance pool.  Your premiums are going up next year.  But seriously, my son has a seizure disorder that is affecting the quality of his life.  A neurologist is approving the treatment.  And Caleb has to wait for some number crunching nerd who doesn’t know the first thing about Landau-Kleffner to sign off on my son’s treatment?

[Insert Expletives Here]

[And Here]

If I ever meet the guy with Caleb’s papers sitting on his desk right now, I’m giving him such a severe wedgie he’ll be tossing and turning like Caleb all night.

That’s unfair.  It could be a woman.  (But the wedgie promise still applies.)

Blue Cross/Blue Shield: You accepted Caleb under your plan.  We pay our premiums faithfully.  You took the risk.  Now do what you’re supposed to do and approve the treatment!  You are not a doctor.  Stop acting like one.  (I refuse to get political in my blog posts, but just wait until the federal government is the one approving Caleb’s treatment.  He’ll be getting IVIg in the geriatric unit.)

If anyone has paint drying, let me know.  I welcome the excitement.  I’m sick of waiting for this approval.

Hey Blue Cross/Blue Shield Prior-Authorizer:  Would you take so long to approve treatment if this picture was on YOUR work desk?

It’s on mine, Sir.  Just think about that when you go home tonight.


  1. Dear Lord, Please move on Caleb’s behalf speedily and mightily. Be glorified in whatever way you choose. You know the family will give you all the praise. AMEN

  2. I know the feeling of being frustrated with Insurance. We went through a lot of that stuff with Luke. I literally, Literally, called everyday sometimes twice a day annoying the crap out of people to get things moving. But it worked. My only advice is to keep a record of every call you make and who you talked to, and what they said. Good luck.

  3. I feel your pain with the insurance company. I can’t believe those people can sleep at night.

    Keep at them and if they drag their feet much longer or deny your claim someone in the business gave me the advice to threaten to write a letter to the insurance commissioner. She said sometimes that magically gets your claim processed.

  4. Nick, I’m Sarah Norris-Johnson’s friend. I’d love to talk to you and your wife about your son. My son also has seizures, although they are now controlled. Ask Sarah for my info. You can e-mail me or facebook me. God bless!

  5. Thanks for getting in touch! You can email me at I’ll look you up on Facebook as well.

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